Contest Bodypainting South Korea


Together with our customers and partners, we are expanding the bodypainting family with every event. On September 3 of this year in Gwangju, we were able to admire the fact that interesting artists in South Korea also apply their body painting ideas to the body.

Here, too, a great deal of passion went into the artwork.

The enthusiasm for art on the body and the influence of ancient Asian culture was clearly noticeable. Those who were not among the participants took the opportunity to pick up paints and brushes and discover “Made in Germany” for themselves.

korea bodypainting gwangju

And this is what happy winners look like. Congratulations! Seeing the band on stage in a bodypainting outfit was nothing out of the ordinary for us either. A further step towards establishing body painting in the art world.

korea wba bodypainting contest winner

The competition was launched and organized in cooperation with the Asian Bodypainting Association and the World Bodypainting Association.
The lively exchange with Asian bodypainting artists has inspired us to come up with many new ideas, which we are incorporating into the further development of our products. The 15 hours on the plane left enough room to write and sketch.

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