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Ready for Halloween 2017?

Well equipped for the Halloween time. With the right effects, you capture stage, screen and party. Over the past 10 years, Halloween has also become an issue in Europe. The need for professional effects, even […]

Concurso Fotografico Bodypaint para halloween
Body Painting

Senjo-Color Halloween Bodypainting Photo Contest 2016

Are you a bodypainter/facepainter and you have made a cool painting? Now you have a  chance to get a 200,00 voucher for Senjo-Color paints! The time when you can express yourself in all your […]

Halloween Bodypainting mit SFX MakeUp von Senjo Color

Special Effect Make Up for Halloween

When suddenly a lot of people have the overwhelming need to put on scary make-up, to turn into creatures from the underworld, to disguise themselves as zombies, then again HALLOWEEN. The eerie custom goes back […]