Bodycraft Festival 2019

Bodycraft festival final 2018

Colour power awaits visitors to the British town of Grimsby from 09-10 March 2019.

50 artists followed the call of Helen Graham and team and registered for the numerous workshops and the competition.

Senjo Color is proud to be a sponsor of this event. The artists will be equipped with colours, among other things. The winners can look forward to prizes that are quite something.

The Humber Royal was chosen as the location. An iconic building from the 60s, which already stands out from the outside due to its contemporary, high-quality design.

The Bodypainting competition is divided into four categories:

  • Brush & Sponge pure &
  • SFX Bodypainting
  • Facepainting &
  • 2 by 2|BODYPAINT CREATIVE PAIRS with surprise topic

Bodypainting and facepainting at its best awaits the visitors. Internationally known bodypainting artists are on the registration list.

The many styles promise a wide range of creative techniques.
The Creative Pairs theme will be announced on Sunday one hour before the start! We are very excited about the results.

Bodycraft 2018 im Video

Visitors benefit from a good deal with the hotel for the overnight stay. With the keyword: “Bodycraft Festival” you get a good offer for a colourful weekend.

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