Senjo Color, as a paint manufacturer, has been at the forefront of the European body painting industry for several years. Our mission is to offer artists worldwide high-quality, innovative and skin-friendly color products.

Discover your world in color with Senjo Color

Our values and philosophy

We believe in creativity, quality and innovation. Our products are the result of years of bodypainting and close cooperation with active bodypainting artists. We strive to enrich the art of body painting with products from practice for practice.

The team behind Senjo Color

Our team consists of passionate artists, chemists and visionaries. Each team member brings unique skills and experience that make Senjo Color what it is today.

Senjo Color History

Senjo Color has significantly shaped and developed the body painting world since its foundation. Join us on a fascinating journey through history from the beginnings of body painting to the innovations of today.

Discover Senjo Color’s journey through the world of body art

Your vote counts

We value customer feedback and strive to develop products that are not only safe and effective, but also promote artistic freedom. Thanks to our small team, we have short development paths and are personal contacts at eye level for our customers and interested parties.

Engagement and community

Senjo Color is involved in the artistic community through workshops, events and partnerships. We encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques to enrich the art of body painting.

Sustainability and responsibility

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the selection of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers’ skin, but also towards the planet and future generations.

Shape the future with us

We are proud of our history and look to the future with optimism. At Senjo Color, we are constantly working to develop innovative products and strive to redefine the boundaries of body art. Join us on this colorful journey!