Sömmerda shines in color: Body painting city bet became a festival of colors

Stadtwette Sömmerda Bodypainting

Curtain up for color magic in Thuringia: On May 4, Sömmerda not only showed that it is a town with culture and charm, but also that the courage to use color and creative daring are rewarded. Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the culture and pub mile, the city was transformed into a stage where the art of body painting was in the spotlight.

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The bet – to show their colors at a high level: the whole of Sömmerda was eager to see whether the landlords could meet the mayor’s challenge: 20 volunteers, 2 hours of time, a pinch of artistic air from the airbrush gun. And voilà, the die was cast!

The color spectacle takes its course

The tension mounts: Like a well-planned coup in the last act of a movie, the hosts managed to recruit the 20 heroes of the evening – and the local masters of body painting from SF Face & BodyArt Colorbee, as well as Team Monkey of Color by Michael Kirchner, were on hand to create colorful works of art from skin.

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The Pub Mile interest group and the daring mayor had long since sealed the deal with a handshake that this evening would go down in history.


Living canvases parading around: as the clock struck the start of the pub crawl, the action began: colorful torsos strolled through the city, each one a masterful painting that amazed heads and cameras.
The pedestrian zone became a gallery, and the visitors became amazed art lovers. It was a festival of visual delights, supported by Senjo Color, who shone as color sponsors.

The sweet taste of victory

A special kind of betting win: when the clock showed midnight, it was clear – the innkeepers had mastered the challenge. 20 enthusiastic participants, lots of onlookers and a successful event.
The bet was won, the 1000 euros were secured for a good cause, and even better, the memories of the evening were immortalized in a riot of color.

Cheers to art! It was about more than just a bet; it was about the celebration of body art, the coming together of the community and the artistic flourishing of an entire city.

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Sömmerda has proven that it shows its colors – and not just on its skin.

Let’s hear it, let’s hear it – for the art that connects

When we at Senjo Color decided to support this event, we knew it was going to be great. The enthusiasm, creativity and community that we were met with exceeded our expectations. 🎨👏

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Congratulations to everyone who participated, everyone who cheered, and of course to the talented artists of SF Face & BodyArt Colorbee & Monkey of Color. You have made Sömmerda more colorful, in the truest sense of the word.

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