WBF 2019 Anhänger wird vollgepack
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Packing for WBF 2019 – World Bodypainting Festival

Another year’s gone by. Packing is the order of the day. The latest Senjo Color products will be presented at the World Bodypainting Festival 2019. In a few days hundreds of body painters from all […]


5th Apolda Bodypainting Contest

On Saturday the 22nd of June in Apolda in Thuringia all signs stood on Bodypainting. As this colourful hustle and bustle has not been popular enough in Thuringia, Mirko Gerwenat and Michael Kirchner from Apolda […]


Preview: Elf festival – Elfia Arcen 2018

When thousands of elves, goblins and other magical creatures meet, magic is in the air. Enchanting costumes, special effect make-up and face painting are not to be missed. Official Elfia Trailer The traditional event of […]


Preview: Bodypainting Festival Tenerife 2018

On September 8th the Bodypainting Festival Tenerife starts into the next round. A team of Senjo Color is on site and supports organizer Maike Karrer with a sponsoring. In the picturesque island idyll of the […]


SFX MakeUp for Zombiewalk at the WBF 2017

If all the registers of the special effect make-up are asked again …. As a side event of the WBF – World Bodypainting Festival, it is already a tradition to produce a party for the […]


The emperor’s new (bathing) fashions

What happens when more than 20 bodypainting artists travel to the Baltic Sea together? If you still have models and their colors in your luggage? A firework of colors and shapes is guaranteed! You want […]