Julie’s wonderland of body art: composings with a wow effect

Julie Boehm mit Bodypainting Model

What are bodypaintings without photos? Just a quick colorful reminder!
Quickly taken pictures are something for always.
And body art composings are a fusion of two art forms into something new.

A magical journey awaits you as you enter the wondrous world of body art composings! Art meets the human body and the artistic finish creates masterpieces that are not only seen in the moment, but can be experienced for eternity.

The splendor of the artwork

Imagine an artistically designed piece of body art, created with countless hours of planning, creativity and precision, being presented in front of a simple plastic sheet. A bit like a diamond enthroned on a cloth flap, isn’t it?

These works of art definitely deserve more than a plain background and a few blurry cell phone photos!

The before and after effect

“In my latest composings, I show you how these unique body art creations can really shine with the right presentation.” According to artist Julie.

From the before picture to the amazing after result – let yourself be surprised at how the magic unfolds when art and space harmonize perfectly. A work of art is only truly complete when it is given the space it deserves.

About the artist Julie Böhm

Julie Böhm, a versatile artist with an international reputation, has made a name for herself in the fields of body painting, make-up, short film and costume design. Julie, who lives in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, has been body painting since 2009. Her artistic journey branched out into painting, multimedia and film during her studies – and since then she has redefined the world of body make-up.

Portrait artist Julie Boehm

Source: Julie Boehm https://julie-boehm.com

Julie sees body painting not just as a means of embellishment, but as an art form in its own right that captures emotions and reflects the zeitgeist. She strives to bring about positive change in the world through her art and to share genuine emotions.

Art as a bridge to humanity

Julie Böhm is not only an artist, but also a storyteller who builds bridges between cultures, people and emotions through her works. Her work celebrates freedom, love and the beauty of our diverse world. Through creative shoots with photographers, she constantly immerses herself in new realities and creates awareness of our common humanity.

Julie Böhm embodies the zeitgeist of artistic self-realization and collaborative creation. Her works are a living testimony to the power of art to create emotional connections and promote a deeper understanding of the diversity of our world.

Come along on this inspiring journey through Julie’s fascinating world of body art composings and let yourself be enchanted by her passion for art and humanity. It will be magical, I promise!

Bodyart Composing Project 2024

The journey through Julie’s composing world can begin. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy.

bodyart composing galerie

> Auroras Guardian Frozen Skies Bodyart Composing

Artists: Yovana Fandino & Calra Quijada
Photo: Dmitri Moisseev
Digital composing: Julie Boehm

Auroras Guardian Frozen Skies Composing

Auroras Guardian of the Frozen Skies

Where northern lights sway in nocturnal splendor,
The guardian sits enthroned, having been transferred from eternity.
His gaze a sea of embers that never freezes over,
Over the realms of ice, which he quietly praises.

He flaps his wings in the iron wind,
A shelter in the silence, he lets songs ring out.
From crystal dust and the round dance of frost,
His spirit in the blackness, infinite and comforting.

From spheres beyond, so strange and so clear,
He watches over the cold, the wonderful.
His duty, like a spell, firm and strong,
Guard the shading until the morning marrow.

His eyes glow in the starfire,
Fate in his fist, an eternal lyre.
He rules over the land in its winter dress,
In the northern lights, its wings wide.

So the legend sings, of its ancient power,
The guardian’s pride, made it through the night.
In the firmament, its image so gently kindled,
Aurora’s guardian, in eternal splendor.

Julie Boehm

> Whispers of the Verdant Muse

Model: Letizia Borella
Artists, Photo: Julie Boehm
Assistant: Lora Tulchinski
Digital composings: Julie Boehm

Whispers of the Verdant Muse 1

In the twilight of the green world,
Where the secret of the night unfolds and is preserved,
Out steps the lady, green and fine,
Ruler of the jungle, in the moonlight.

With hopping legs, delicate and strong,
She follows the path through the park at night.
Will-o’-the-wisps dance, leading them into the dream,
Their round dance weaves a gentle bridle in the silence.

The Grasshopper Lady dance, so light, so clear,
Enchants the sleeper, far and near.
She whispers to people in their dreams,
Takes them into wonder, gives the soul rest.

She follows the colorful beetles whose lights are blazing,
Through her realm, where only magic and beauty dwell.
Their dance in the moonlight, whispering softly,
Turns night into day in her green kingdom.

“Enchantress of the Verdant Realm”, as she is known,
Their magic, their essence, banished deep in their hearts.
A dream that lives in every leaf, every branch,
Grasshopper lady of the night, her kingdom eternal and rich.

Julie Boehm

> Sage of the Sylvan Archives

Artists: Emilia & Gilberta Bianchin
Photo: Dmitri Moisseev
Digital composing: Julie Boehm

Sage of the Sylvan Archives 1

In the heart of the grove, where the old oaks stand,
There dwells the wise, whom we see in splendor.
A book creature, under Sylvan’s spell,
With pages as skin, she begins the spell.

Her companion, the owl, white as snow,
Together they guard wisdom and woe.
They gently weave secrets in the nature archive,
Telling stories that spark myths.

“O Wise One of Sylvan, Guardian of the Book,”
Calls the owl in the twilight, under a canopy of leaves.
“Let’s unroll the stories, still unknown,
The legends of time, the future banished.”

With rustling of paper, one side turning,
Smiles the book being, feels free and hurt.
Worlds unfold in her arms,
In whispers of magic, secrets at the ready.

They speak of times when the earth was young,
Of cosmos songs, freshly weighted.
Of heroes and villains, of the pain of love,
Of eternal striving, of wisdom’s heart.

Under branches the wise woman speaks her word,
That stories are ships, carry on.
With the owl as witness, the archive as throne,
Breathes life into words, creates a sound out of nothing.

The dance of the ink, the chorus of lines,
Create a symphony that connects the ear.
The Sylvan archive, alive and deep,
A testimony to the power that slept in stories.

So listen to the rustling of the leaves in the wind,
The sages of Sylvan, the stories connect’.
Because truth is hidden in every story,
In a quiet exchange, meaning is discovered.

And when the moon rises in the night’s cool bosom,
Disappear the sage and owl, big.
But her legend in the whispering leaves lives on,
In the sages of the Sylvan archive, the heart rises.

Julie Boehm

I could share a lot more pictures and poems about Julie’s composings with you here. That will be the subject of the next post.

So it’s worth staying tuned and checking back regularly.

If you want to find out more, visit Julie’s website: https://julie-boehm.com/

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