Special Effect Make Up for Halloween

Halloween Bodypainting mit SFX MakeUp von Senjo Color

When suddenly a lot of people have the overwhelming need to put on scary make-up, to turn into creatures from the underworld, to disguise themselves as zombies, then again HALLOWEEN.

The eerie custom goes back to ancient Celtic traditions. About North America, the cult finally found its way into the German climes.

Halloween Bodypainting mit SFX MakeUp von Senjo Color

Halloween finds enthusiastic supporters in more and more countries today. In Germany, the Halloween party has become an integral part of German culture in the last 10 years.

Did you know that you have to adapt to the ghosts, undead and zombies, which are on 31.12. get out of their graves to be unrecognized by them?
So you do not want to be dragged to the eternal depths, you should, in addition to a matching costume, of course, wear the appropriate Halloween Make Up.

Matching make-up colors and special effect products for the perfect Halloween 2016 transformation, of course, you can find at Senjo-Color.

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Zombie blood, skin glue, latex liquid, latex parts,

Latex paste – edge filler
Pestbeulen Latex Applikation
Pestules latex application
Vampirstirn Latex Applikation
Vampire forehead latex application