Colorful works of art up close: Italian Body Painting Festival 2024 on Lake Garda

bodypainting Festival Italien 2024

Lake Garda – a place that not only impresses with its picturesque landscape and crystal-clear water, but also with a very special event: the Italian Bodypainting Festival. For the 17th time, Riva del Garda is transformed into a lively canvas mecca where artists from all over Europe demonstrate their creativity and skills. From the 7. to June 8, 2024 the city becomes a stage for a festival of colors, shapes and fantasies.

A festival of colors: The categories

Anyone who believes that body painting is simply painting on skin is very much mistaken. The festival offers a variety of competitions in six categories covering the entire spectrum of this art form:

  1. Face painting: Here the face becomes a canvas. Artists create detailed and often astonishingly realistic works.
  2. Effects: Special effects add an extra dimension to the game – from 3D elements to optical illusions.
  3. Fluo: Under black light, the artworks glow in fluorescent colors and create a magical atmosphere.
  4. Team Open: Teams of different artists work together to create large-scale and complex works.
  5. Amateurs: Beginners and hobby artists also have the chance to show off their talent and gain valuable experience.
  6. Brush and sponge: Traditional techniques that are often underestimated but deliver impressive results.

History: The history of the Italian Bodypainting Festival

It all began in 2005 during the TV program “Festival del Garda” in Limone del Garda. What started out as a one-off experience quickly developed into an annual highlight. Organized by Promobenacus Produzioni and supported by local authorities and organizations such as the Province of Trento and the Consorzio Garda Dolomiti, the festival has become one of the best-known body painting events in Europe.

The 2024 theme “Dreams and fantasies”

This year’s motto is “Dreams and Fantasies”. A perfect choice of theme that gives the artists free rein to realize their wildest and most colourful ideas. From surreal dream worlds to fantastic creatures – visitors can look forward to an exciting experience.

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Artists and creatives: an international meeting

The festival attracts participants from all over the world every year. Well-known names from the bodypainting scene as well as up-and-coming talents take the opportunity to present their works of art. Among them are many winners of past competitions, who will once again be showcasing their masterpieces.

Workshops and art fair: Learning and amazement

In addition to the competitions, the festival also offers workshops and an art fair. Here artists can refine their techniques, exchange ideas and be inspired. A great opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their skills or simply immerse themselves in the world of body painting.

“The Italian Bodypainting Festival is a unique platform to celebrate the art of bodypainting and to honor the creative skills of the artists,” said the organizers.

Further information and updates can be found on the official website of the festival: Italian Bodypainting Festival.

Participation: Live or online? You have the choice

Riva del Garda is the place to be in June for all those who want to experience the festival up close. But even if you can’t be there, you don’t have to miss out on the spectacle. Thanks to numerous online resources, photo galleries, videos and live streams, you can follow the festival from the comfort of your own home. The official Facebook page also offers current insights and highlights: Facebook page of the festival.

Conclusion: A must for art and color lovers

The Italian Bodypainting Festival is more than just an event – it is a tribute to creativity and the art of bodypainting. A feast for the senses that captivates not only the artists but also the audience. So, pack your bags and immerse yourself in a world full of colors, dreams and fantasies. Riva del Garda is waiting for you!

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