SFX Workshop Barcelona – with Leonardo Giacomo Borgese

SFX Bodypainting with Leonardo Giacomo Borgese in Barcelona You want to make a step into the world of Bodypainting special effects? How about a workshop in Barcelona / Spain? The Senjo Color Bodypainting Academy is […]


SFX MakeUp for Zombiewalk at the WBF 2017

If all the registers of the special effect make-up are asked again …. As a side event of the WBF – World Bodypainting Festival, it is already a tradition to produce a party for the […]

Halloween Bodypainting mit SFX MakeUp von Senjo Color

Special Effect Make Up for Halloween

When suddenly a lot of people have the overwhelming need to put on scary make-up, to turn into creatures from the underworld, to disguise themselves as zombies, then again HALLOWEEN. The eerie custom goes back […]