World Bodypainting Festival WBF 2023

wbf 2022 Bühne Foto daniel-janesch

Since 1998, Carinthia, in the beautiful south of Austria, has hosted what is probably the most colorful festival in the world. The festival is characterized by a long tradition and has contributed significantly to the emergence of the modern body painting movement.

From September 26 – 30, 2023, the World Bodypainting Festival #wbfestival2023 will take place in Klagenfurt/Austria. And for 23 years: the team from Senjo Color.

  • Theme 2023: Microcosm – The realm of the tiny
  • Senjo Color – Sponsor of the Brush & Sponge Online Award
  • The WBF 2023 Program
  • WBF 2023 Location

In 2022, the World Bodypainting Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary, ushering in a new era of the festival – The Next Generation.

As part of this evolution, the 26th World Bodypainting Festival is moving from the peak season in July to the off-season in September. In doing so, the festival will combine the best of both worlds, online and offline.

Thus, there will still be the possibility to participate in the World Bodypainting Festival online, in case a personal journey to Klagenfurt for the live event is not possible.

The online categories will take place on September 26 and 27, 2023, and will kick off a festival week that will include the World Awards as a live competition in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in the new indoor location, the Messearena, on September 28 to 30.

This special event will also be available for everyone in the world to experience via online stream.

At the same time, there will once again be the opportunity to join together to form a WBF Hotspot and thus participate in the World Bodypainting Festival together.

Main theme 2023: Welcome to Wonderland
Online Awards: Microcosm – The realm of the tiny

Competition of body painting and face painting artists at the Bodypainting Festival

What challenges does this year’s theme bring? The year 2023 is all about the microcosm – the realm of the tiny. A fascinating theme!
We’ll once again be able to watch exciting competitions between the best artists, where everyone is allowed to live out their creative abilities to the full!

Which motifs are particularly interesting for the microcosm? Quite clearly: everything that is tiny! Insects, spiders to bacteria and mini-robots – all these tiny creatures offer inexhaustible opportunities to unleash our imagination and creativity. And certainly much more.

But of course, such a subject also has its pitfalls…. The depiction of so many details requires precision as well as a high degree of sensitivity.

All artists must sharpen their senses if they want to bring the microcosm to life.

senjo color mikrokosmos aus farbe

Senjo Color – Sponsor Brush & Sponge Online Award

With this theme, we as Senjo Color must of course be there and will support numerous artists.

In addition to promoting individual artists, we sponsor the category of brush and sponge body painters in the online competition.

We can’t wait to admire the many creative ideas!

WBF Program 2023

The NEW Festival Week of World Bodypainting offers 5 days of exciting events and activities.

Three of these days are dedicated to the WB Academy Program, Side Events and two online award categories that will be held worldwide.

The LIVE Awards with the World Championships and Special Awards will take place within only 2 days at the Messe Arena Klagenfurt – a must for all art lovers!

Here you can witness first-hand how the artists work while enjoying DJ music or watch exciting programs for photographers, videographers and the general public.

The last day leads to the grand finale: an award ceremony including UV Night contests followed by a legendary club/party night in the surreal ballroom known as “Body Circus”.

WBF 2023 Location

Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee

The capital of the province of Carinthia and located in the border triangle of Austria, Italy and Slovenia impresses with its dreamlike location directly on one of the most popular lakes in all of Austria.

The city is affectionately referred to as the “Renaissance Jewel on Lake Wörthersee” – a tribute to its magnificent architecture from times gone by.

Some 500 years ago, Italian master builders played a major role in shaping Klagenfurt, and their influences can still be felt today in the preserved palaces, courtyards and squares.

Bodypaint City

Messezentrum Klagenfurt, Haupteingang St. Ruprechter Strasse

We are very much looking forward to the World Bodypainting Festival, which has been held in Carinthia since 1998. With its colorful program and long tradition, it has not only shaped the modern bodypainting movement, but also presents a new era of the festival this year – The Next Generation.

We are excited and full of anticipation for the combination of online and offline events.

It will be an unforgettable experience full of creative energy and positive atmosphere, which we can share with guests from all over the world.

Let’s look forward to the extraordinary competitions and fascinating creations at the World Bodypainting Festival!

And who still needs colors to practice and compete: