Steampunk Bodypainting

Last Saturday a real journey through time took place at the Senjo-Loft. Destination –  parallel worlds! The world of steaming gear drives, coquettish models in kinky waistcoats, odd pocket watches, old gas lamps  and the unleashed romance of adventure!

At the wheel of our time machine were marvellous bodypainting artists Peter and Petra Tronser. Their art opened for us a portal to the Steampunk-Universe!

Petra und Peter Tronser Bodypainting

Brown  and bronze colours  dominated massively during the bodypainting session. No colour explosion! The air was filled with the atmosphere of inventions, old knowledge and risking experiments.

Petra‘s  magic steam punk  brush

Step by step Petra  draws with her magic brush first a kinky  corset, then fingerless gloves and finally a chocker around the neck of our model Olga. A golden skirt, welding goggles and  a top hat accomplished the image of an adventure-seeking woman of the Victorian epoch. Quite possible that we see right now the  princess Anna Valeriou from Transylvania. Only the Professor Abraham Van Helsing, who has a crush on her, is missing…But he is surely somewhere nearby, in one of the parallel dimensions.

Peter‘s compressed air magic

We move slowly to Peter….Magic is happening here as well. With compressed air, Senjo-Color paints and couple of Senjo-Color stencils creates  Peter  a fascinating steam woman from the very depths of the steam punk fantasy….

In 5 hours transforms our model Nadine to a gorgeous, living machine crafted from gears and various deco steampunk elements…



Old compressors and wrenches get  a new life in Nadine’s magic iron hands. “Humans, get all scared! Your time is over. Machines seize the power!”


A powerful Steam-Team!



Time runs fast  and the sun goes eventually down…This means that the Senjo-Color Team has to say goodbye to the princess Anna Valerious alias Nadine & Co. Both of them have to go home, back to the 19 century.

Good bye  Peter and Petra Tronser…the journey with you was a real blast!

Where will the time machine bring us the next time? And who will be in the driver’s seat this time? Are you excited? Than follow our updates  at

Steampunk Tronser Bodypainting Senjoloft