WBF 2023 – The whole story

Currently, the World Bodypainting Festival 2023 is in full swing. The first artists have presented their artworks to the jury, others are still preparing for their big event. We will keep you up to date here. And after the festival we will give you a summary with the most important results and the new World Bodypainting Champions 2023.

WBF 2023 – Livestream Day 1

Quelle: Youtube / https://bodypainting-festival.com/de/

Program, location and topics of the WBF 2023:

wbf 2022 Bühne Foto daniel-janesch

World Bodypainting Festival WBF 2023

Since 1998, Carinthia, in the beautiful south of Austria, has hosted what is probably the most colorful festival in the world. The festival is characterized by a long tradition and has contributed significantly to the […]

The WBF – A color festival that gets under your skin: The world championship in body painting starts!

Are you ready to put art under the microscope and dive into the microcosm – in a place that sounds like a fantastic world? Welcome to Bodypaint City!

The colorful vastness of the microcosm

The World Body Painting Championship (WBF) has started and already promises a kaleidoscope of stunning colors and breathtaking motifs. With the fascinating theme for 2023: “Microcosm – The Realm of the Tiny,” artists are challenged more than ever to depict the small in a big way, using paint and brushes to bring micro-worlds to life on human skin.

Body painting – an art that moves and touches

This particular art form strikes a chord like never before: body painting brings the canvas to life and allows human bodies to be viewed as works of art. These vibrant messages create a unique spectrum of emotional expression and understanding that celebrates the beauty of the human body and the worlds depicted on it.

Senjo Color – A sponsor who brings color into play

The road to perfect body painting is paved with the right shade. That’s why Senjo Color is a proud sponsor of the Brush & Sponge Online Awards. We like to support artists by promoting and recognizing their creativity and ensures that the brightest colors are on display during the competition.

Show your true face in Bodypaint City

Lovers of bodypainting and those who want to become one can experience the colorful action up close. The WBF takes place in the picturesque Bodypaint City, at the Messezentrum Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee – a picturesque location whose natural beauty is simply perfect for this unique event.

Are you excited about how bodypainting pushes the boundaries of art and celebrates the human body as a canvas? Then share that enthusiasm and invite your friends to join you in the microcosm! Together you can discover the art of color and explore Bodypaint City in person.
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