WBF 2023 – The whole story


Edition 26 – Celebrating Visual Culture

The WBF 2023 is already history again

What are the results and rankings?
How did the artists and visitors experience the festival?

We will keep you up to date here. And at the end of the festival there will be a summary with the most important results and the new body painting world champions 2023.

These categories await you

World Championships 2023
In the new format of the WBF: Online Awards and Live Awards

Online Awards
Theme “Microcosmos – the realm of the tiny”

  • Brush & Sponge – Powered by Senjo Color

1st place: Dalla Torre Serena Italy
2nd place: Castelan Ana Maria Mexico
3rd place: Mendez Luis Diego Costa Rica

  • Open Category

Live On Stage presents
Theme: “Welcome to Wonderland”

  • Brush & Sponge
  • Open Category
  • Special Effects
  • Camouflage bodypainting
  • Face painting
  • Bodypainting Show – Team
  • Creative Make-Up
  • UV effects

The WBF – A color festival that gets under your skin: The world championship in body painting

Are you ready to take a closer look at art and immerse yourself in the microcosm – in a place that sounds like a fantastic world? Welcome to Bodypaint City!

The colorful expanses of the microcosm

The World Bodypainting Championships (WBF) promised a kaleidoscope of overwhelming colors and breathtaking motifs. With the fascinating theme for 2023: “Microcosm – The Realm of the Tiny,” artists are challenged more than ever to depict small things on a very large scale and bring micro-worlds to life on human skin using paint and brushes.

Bodypainting – an art that moves and touches

This special art form strikes a chord with the times like never before: bodypainting brings the canvas to life and makes it possible to view human bodies as works of art. These vibrant messages create a unique spectrum of emotional expression and understanding that celebrates the beauty of the human body and the worlds depicted on it.


Senjo Color – A sponsor that brings color into play

The path to perfect body painting is paved with the right shade of color. That’s why Senjo Color is a proud sponsor of the “Brush & Sponge Online Awards”. We support artists by promoting and recognizing their creativity and ensuring that the brightest colors are on display during the competition. 🙂

Show your true colors in Bodypaint City

Lovers of body painting and those who want to become one were able to experience the colorful events up close. The WBF took place in the picturesque Bodypaint City, in the Klagenfurt Exhibition Center on Lake Wörthersee – a picturesque location whose natural beauty is simply perfect for this unique event.

After 25 years as an open-air festival often dependent on the mercy of the weather gods, in 2023 for the first time in the sheltered surroundings of Messe Klagenfurt.

Source: Youtube / https://bodypainting-festival.com/de/

Program, location and topics of the WBF 2023:

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Are you enthusiastic about how bodypainting pushes the boundaries of art and celebrates the human body as a canvas? Then share this enthusiasm and invite your friends to dive into the microcosm with you! Together you can discover the art of color and explore the stories of Bodypaint City.
Have we awakened your desire for body painting? Then we have the right colors for you with Senjo Color!
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