Body Craft Fest 2020


Bodyart Festival on the British coast of Lincolnshire on 21. and March 22, 2020

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Over 50 artists have entered the competition to win one of the coveted prizes.

As Team Senjo Color, we are delighted to be able to support this great event.

Presentation painting bodycraftfest 2020
Interplanetary passengers are expected
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Very colorful guests will be there…

The body painting competition

The theme for 2020 is: “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” – your designs will be out of this world!

There will be 3 bodypainting competitions. Lots of possibilities to use Senjo Color paints and SFX MakeUp material.

Brush and sponge – single artist
SFX Bodypainting – Individual artist

Krativ-Bodypainting – Artist couples

The Bodypainting Jury

This year, Sarah Smith and Kate Monroe Grovescould be won for the jury.
They have been impressing the bodypainting world with their breathtaking works of art for many years.
Her work can be seen not only in England.
Sarah has also made a name for herself with murals and her shoe paintings.
Kate with murals and fashion paintings.

Here you can get to know the bodypainters and marvel at their pictures:
Sarah –
Kate –

The Lincolnshire body painting event

In addition to the competition, there will also be plenty of fun for visitors. Retailers are on hand if someone suddenly gets a craving for body painting or needs supplies quickly.

Even without taking part in the bodypainting competition, you can of course paint for all you’re worth.

Artisans and children’s entertainment provide variety between the artists’ visits.

The Studio Photo Team provides good pictures of the event. What would a body painting be without a photo?
…no longer to be seen after a few hours…

We wish you a successful and entertaining event!

And if you want to stock up on body paints yourself, you can also order them online at

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