Final spurt Halloween 2018


On to the Halloween final spurt. The wait for Halloween 2018 will soon be over. The highlight of the year for all quick-change artists is in sight.

Happy Halloween! What can we do for you?

Have you collected enough ideas and now you want to put them all into practice? Let’s go then. Ingenious effects can be achieved with fake blood, latex milk and wound wax.

As the children parade around the houses in search of sweets, the grown-ups make scary costumes and masks.

Fake blood Senjo Color in Palette

A good portion of movie blood is a must. Senjo-Color Zombie Blood offers you the right basis. To show injuries, simply apply to the desired area with a cotton bud or stubble sponge and you’re done.

The blood is also ideal for spicing up bloody shirts. Bloody handprints or drag marks look fantastically realistic.

But be careful: it cannot be washed out of many textiles and you shouldn’t scare anyone to death!

You’re already advanced and fake blood is just a trivial garnish for you? Then try Senjo-Color FX Wound Effect Wax.

Senjo Color Wound Effect Wax, Cut-off fingertip

Simply apply to the desired area of skin, sculpt with a spatula and add some zombie blood.

Are you good at painting? Of course, you can also simply paint on the wounds with the matching brush and Senjo-Color paints. There are even fewer limits to your imagination here and you can really let off steam.

Painting on wound effects with the brush

You’ll be well equipped with these Halloween make-up tips. Now all you need is a handful of good friends with whom you can share the fun. And don’t worry. What you can’t manage in 2018, you can save for Halloween 2019. Write down your ideas and start planning in good time. Then you can surprise your friends with new ideas again next year.
And now on to the Halloween final spurt 2018!

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