Senjo-Color Halloween Bodypainting Photo Contest 2016

Are you a bodypainter/facepainter and you have made a cool painting? Now you have a  chance to get a 200,00 voucher for Senjo-Color paints!

senjo´color halloween photo contest banner

The time when you can express yourself in all your creativity is approaching.  Halloween is a great time for all kind of transformations into creepy creatures who come out of the depths of the Underworld.

Download pictures till the October 31., vote till  November 12.

Not long ago it was a privilege of professionals to create a real professional Halloween  makeup for the parties. Today this fun is available for everyone.  With sponge and brush, with airbrush, latex paste with latex prosthetics, original costumes you can create a miracle!

Old Celtic tradition came through America again back to Europe.  The undead, who come out of their graves and go to hint for the living ones, shouldn’t recognize us. So a make-up transformation remains the only possible (and funny J ) way to be saved.

Show us the best, the creepiest and the most extraordinary of your pictures! From  November 1 everyone can vote. Website visitors will decide on the winner. And let the best win! We are very excited and are looking forward to getting new ideas from you!

Halloween Bodypainting Contest