Airbrush Workshop

Airbrush Basics Workshop 2018

It is still time before the big body painting season starts again. Enough time to try something new, or to deepen the knowledge. In this airbrush beginner workshop we show you how to use the […]

Senjo-Academy Facepainting

Facepainting Mask by Silke Kirchhoff

Turning beautiful faces into mystical, mysterious masks is the job and passion of Silke Kirchhoff. Today, on the 20th of January 2018, the participants of the #SenjoAcademy in Berlin have the opportunity to ask Silke […]

Enrico Abdruck in der Maske

3D mask construction SFX Workshop 2018

The #SenjoAcademy starts with the first workshop in 2018 No sooner has the old year come to rest than it’s hot again at the beginning of 2018 in #SenjoLoft. Enrico Lein, the “Transformaker” teaches the participants […]