SFX Workshop Barcelona – with Leonardo Giacomo Borgese

SFX Bodypainting with Leonardo Giacomo Borgese in Barcelona

You want to make a step into the world of Bodypainting special effects? How about a workshop in Barcelona / Spain?

The Senjo Color Bodypainting Academy is looking forward to Leonardo Giacomo Borgese from Italy.

workshop sfx barcelona

Leonardo is an instructor in one of the best make-up schools in Milan, owns the World Championship title in SFX Bodypainting 2016.

Focus and activities

Sketch design / matching colors
Differences between artistic and conceptual forms and commercial communication forms
How to use images, what are the parts of the body to express communication
Basics of brush-sponge painting technique
Explanation of shadows and lights
Skin texture and three-dimensional effects
How to combine the airbrush and brush technique

Halloween Story – Zombie Design

Knowledge of the main materials used in the field of temporary special effects.
Creating temporary effects such as wounds, skin diseases, rash, scars, and burns.
Application of silicone and latex cuts and wounds.

Workshop Languages


Workshop Zeitraum:
Barcelona, October 21-22 2017

Workshop Location:

GOTIC maquillages professionals
Comtessa Sobradiel, 6
08002 Barcelona


Registration and further information: