Football today under the sign of the European Championship


Be there when the top European football teams crown their champions in the most exciting matches of the year: make a statement, show what your heart beats for!

Football fans with make-up in the stadium Fotolia_109127389
Show your colors with fan make-up

It’s that easy today

It’s simple, quick and makes a good impression. Whether in the stadium, at a public viewing or at a party with friends. Show your colors. Show what your heart beats for when the European champion teams compete against each other.

Airbrush, brush, or simply with marker?

Senjo-Color makes it easy for you. You are well equipped with our body painting markers for parties and quick markings on the go.

Senjo-Color Face and Body MarkerOut of your trouser pocket and into your face.

Simply paint the flag of your choice directly with the marker. The pencils are not only extremely economical, they are also filled with cosmetic color.

After painting, simply put the cap on and put it in your pocket until the next unpainted soccer fan arrives and is looking forward to his drawing.


For the professionals who want to earn money with the whole thing, or simply want to make an infinite number of fans happy, we have prepared soccer templates.
They can be used with a brush or as an airbrush stencil.

Football airbrush stencil in use


Hold the handy little polyester stencils in the desired place and dab the paint through with a sponge/brush or spray on with an airbrush. Then decorate with the national colors of your choice and you’re done!

Airbrush stencil with football motif

The result is something to be proud of! Soccer today only with fan make-up!

Whether with three stripes to form a flag, or with a stencil to create a real soccer design work of art. That makes you one of them. To the fan team and of course to YOUR soccer team!




Shopping for fan make-up – Color tip

Senjo-Color markers, bodypainting paints and stencils can be found in specialist shops. And of course online too.
As professional colors are very highly pigmented, you only need very little material. The markers are sufficient for many hundreds of flags. The stencils hardly wear out and for private use with an airbrush, the small 15 ml bottles are sufficient for 50 flags (depending on the size of the motif).

Well then: Have fun with your make-up and start collecting ideas and ordering color right away!

Soccer stencil
Bodypainting marker
Bodypainting colorSoccer with a splash of color

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