4th Heringsdorf Bodypainting Festival 2016

heringsdorfer bodypainting Festival 2016

Preview: For the fourth time this year the bodypainting family starts in a body painting weekend on the sunny island of Usedom. The Seebad Heringsdorf will be especially colorful from 19th to 21st of August 2016.

heringsdorfer bodypainting Festival 2016

From different countries, the most diverse artists come to the theme of “The Emperor’s new (bath) clothes” to create their creations in public on the concert shell.
It will be particularly interesting how the topic is implemented. But the ideas go far beyond just swimwear. The interpretation will in any case lead from plain to fantastic through the colorful event.
All painting techniques are allowed and desired. So we expect bodypaintings with brush, airbrush and SFX special effects. The whole range of Senjo-Color products is therefore required.

On the subject: The Imperial Family at the bathing festival on Usedom

The fishing villages of the Usedom Baltic Sea coast developed rapidly in the 19th century into sophisticated spas, after the high nobility discovered it as an official holiday home.

Since the imperial office was the King of Prussia, the entourage consisted, in addition to the show-princesses and vain Fauen, and the hunchback relationship of ancestors and ancestors, … the ancient heritage of the European royal families.

While some accompanied their offices in high positions, more or less successfully, the unwanted relatives continued to evolve.

For hundreds of years many of them had to live in seclusion. Goods with a great spirit of discovery, with more or less splendid ships, traveling the world.

Some names were so scary that they could not be pronounced in the royal families.

And yet it could not be avoided that the “others” could not hide their presence at the annual bathing festival in the imperial baths.

They came (and sometimes still do!) From the depths of the sea, from unknown islands and from fantastic worlds to the annual bathing meeting with your royal brothers and sisters.

Many emperors sought the uncanny pack with them in secret. So no lesser than Neptune should have been in the league.

This fantastic mix of lewd monarchy with uncanny, imaginative entourage made the bathing parties so unique.

Let us also celebrate this festival this year and take their place for a day in the absence of the old, magnificent figures.

What a feast for the world of fantasy! In addition to the bodypaintings, there will also be face painting and airbrush tattoos for the guests.

We also have something in the history of Usedom geschmökert. With the help of http://www.kaiserbaeder-auf-usedom.de/geschichte/ and Google, we then filtered out the following interesting data:

Heringsdorf history

For the first time, a small, mysterious island off the island of Usedom is reported. This island, called Vineta, has often been compared to the fabled Atlantis.
Even Vineta has disappeared without a trace and attracted many treasure hunters to the coast. Herzog and others Adventurers have been searching in vain for the ancient treasures of the rich city of Vineta, aka Jumne.

The village Bansin is first mentioned in 1256. At that time it bears the Wendish name Banzino. Only good 450 or 550 years later, the places Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf are founded.

The village “Ahlbeck adlig” is created by the construction of a watermill on the Beek.

Ahlbeck becomes seaside resort.

Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. is with his sons, including the future King Frederick William IV, a guest of von Bulow. On a trip to the fishermen who are just plodding and salting herring on the beach, the crown prince of the small settlement below the Kulms gives the name Heringsdorf.

Heringsdorf with its 113 inhabitants after Swinoujscie (1824) is the second seaside resort on Usedom

Von Bülow erected on the Kulmberg a first lodging house, which is later called “White Castle”. Later guests include Kronprinzessin Viktoria von Preußen with her sons and Kurt Tucholsky.

The “Concert Garden Italy” with Swan Lake, winding paths and cozy inroads is created. Here man and woman stroll, talk, play boccia, cricket or badminton. Heinrich Mann likes to read the newspaper here.

The bustling Delbrück brothers, Hugo and Adelbert, found the “Aktiengesellschaft Seebad Heringsdorf”. Now the place rises quickly to a sophisticated seaside resort with illustrious guests of the Berlin aristocracy and Hautevolee.

The railway line Berlin-Swinemünde starts operations. Now the journey from the capital via the Karniner swing bridge takes only four hours.

The Heringsdorf Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge is baptized by “Imperial Cabinet Order”. First, the 500-meter-long pier is built, followed two years later by the pier on the shore, with its turreted structures, colonnades, shops and restaurants. At the top of the pier, there is a viewing platform with a restaurant. Steamboats leave here for Świnoujście / Szczecin, Rügen and Bornholm.

First bodypaintings on the beach
Enrico Lein and Peter Richter grabbed a compressed gas bottle, a model and colors and found a spot on the beach in Heringsdorf, where the first swimwear painting took place in the sand.

First Heringsdorf Bodypainting Festival
For the first time, bodypainting will be the focus of the family week at the sea on the concert place in Heringsdorf. Friday, the kids painted on the theme of Neptune’s sunken worlds and were looking forward to the award.
On Saturday, the “Big Bodypainting” then took the whole place and the stage.

Heringsdorfer Bodypainting Festival Publikum

The audience is full of enthusiasm for the awarding of the painted models. Here are the little ones. Soon the big ones get their money’s worth and can admire and award the day’s work of the Bodypainter.

Heringsdorfer Bodypainting Festival Modelle an der Seebrücke
The first ready painted models present themselves for the photo shoot on the beach in front of the pier Heringsdorf.
Karte von heringsdorf auf usedom

Directions Usedom Island to the 4 Heringsdorf Bodypainting Festival in August 2016

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