If you are looking for the perfect bodypainting paint for airbrushing, then you should definitely take a look at Senjo-Color Basic.
It is ideal for use with an airbrush and also as a liquid with a brush and sponge.
Elaborate details and even large areas of undercoating on the body are child’s play.


The cosmetic formula can also be used on the face. For fine nuances, you can dilute the colors with the thinner to make them appear more transparent. The introduction to a wide range of colors for decorative cosmetics.


Senjo-Color Basic Bodypainting Colors are a water-soluble, high-yield and finely pigmented make-up for brushes and airbrushes.
From 0.6 bar and nozzles from 0.3 mm, the paint can be sprayed evenly over a large area or with fine lines.

For a long time, we searched in vain for colors with these properties. We then put together the experience that we and our customers have gained over the last 25 years and developed a product that meets the highest professional standards.

Senjo-Color Basic Bodypaint is also very suitable for face and body painting with a brush.
Fixing spray can be used for fixing. The paint is easy to wash off with soap and water.

Field of application Body painting, face painting, children’s tattoos
Processing with airbrush and/or brush
Consistency liquid
Color base Water-based
Special features Can be sprayed with fine and large nozzles, easy to apply with a brush
Bodypainting with Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypaint
Bodypainting with Senjo-Color BASIC Bodypaint

Available in bottles from 15ml, 75ml, 250ml, 500ml for airbrush and brush, as body liner and as body painting marker.

Many bodypainting artists from all over the world love the BASIC. Many a winner’s podium has been climbed by body painting world champions who have put their trust in Senjo-Color Basic.

Senjo-Color BASIC facts

liquid, water-soluble, very economical
Suitable for application with airbrush and brush
for beginners and professionals
High pigmentation and light transparency
can be easily mixed with each other
silky matt surface
Complete body priming down to fine details possible
Water and soap for effortless removal
Made in Germany

High pigmentation with light transparency and matt finish

Basic is characterized by high pigmentation and colour intensity. Thanks to its light transparency, it is excellent for mixing. You get clean, colorful mixed tones.

Models love the pleasant feeling on their skin and the subtle smell of the body color. If the artwork needs to be washed off again, this can easily be done with soap and water.

Photographers love the matt finish, which ensures high-quality images without any annoying shine.

Senjo-Color BASIC Airbrush Tip

With the airbrush, you can not only quickly prime the entire body evenly, but also spray on fine details. Whether freehand or with stencils, there are no limits to your creativity.

For large areas, it is best to use an airbrush with a large paint cup and a nozzle size from around 0.5 – 0.8 mm.

For fine details, you can use nozzles from 0.2 – 0.4 mm between approx. 0.6 – 0.8 bar.
This depends on the airbrush model, air pressure and color tones.
Metallic colors from 0.4-0.6 mm flow better from the airbrush.

The compressor should supply air from about 8-16 liters/min. For the large guns from approx. 32 liters/min.

The correct air pressure setting is very easy to determine. Test your airbrush with water. This way you can be sure that you have already completed the airbrushing tasks.
Now swap the water for paint and test whether everything works.
If the desired result is not yet apparent, there is another trick.

Now turn the air supply to almost ZERO . Press the finger lever and slowly add air. Bit by bit you will feel when the first color comes and when the right combination of air and color flow is reached.

You can simply use water for cleaning in between. For final cleaning or to remove dried paint, we recommend the alcohol-based Senjo-Color Toolcleaner.

Airbrush and paint spray gun HVLP 0.8mm nozzle
Airbrush Senjo PRO Side View

Airbrush suggestion:
Airbrush Senjo-Color PRO with nozzle 0.4mm and 5ml paint cup for details
Airbrush spray gun HVLP nozzle 0.8mm for larger surfaces

Senjo-Color BASIC as decorative airbrush make-up

Thanks to the fine pigmentation and production of the colors according to the strict guidelines of the European Cosmetics Regulation, you can also use the colors as airbrush make-up. For example, take the sand shade, mix it with thinner and yellow/red tones; or conjure up silky blush tones, shades and highlights on your face.

Use BASIC as airbrush make-up

Senjo-Color BASIC bodypainting paint

Tips on consumption

For a slim model, 75-100 ml of foundation may be sufficient.

If you are priming with a sponge, plan a little more. About 100-150ml should be enough.

Depending on the actual skin area and the desired degree of coverage, you should not forget the appropriate reserves.

Processing tips

The skin should be clean, oil-free and dry. Residues of greasy body lotion, sun cream etc. must be completely removed.

As Senjo Color contains a lot of pigments, it must be shaken well before use.

The particles settle and then lie on the bottom of the bottle. The longer the bottles stand unused on the shelf, the firmer the sediment will be.

To make things easier, we add shaking balls to each paint bottle. These should be clearly audible when shaking. Shake until the balls hit the bottom of the bottle audibly.


After a long period of time, it may be necessary to sieve. Use color strainers or the good old ladies’ stocking to filter out particles that are too thick.

Tips for fixing the bodypainting colors

Additional fixation is not necessary for body painting under “normal” conditions. This depends on skin type and ambient temperature.
We have already taken water shots without fixing. The color then becomes soft and can smudge quickly. If the recordings are in the box beforehand, everything is fine.

Sometimes, however, special measures are required. If you want the color to hold better, you can fix it.
The most important principle: as thin as possible. So a few thin coats of paint hold better than too much paint.
Spraying on a fixing spray is often sufficient. Not too much here either, please! Here too, less is more. One touch is enough.
Some users also report using fixing spray as a kind of primer on the skin before body painting.
Since we don’t know your model’s skin: Try it out. And not too thick, please.

For extreme situations in film, many make-up artists switch to Senjo FX Ink.
However, this alcohol-soluble color is not a cosmetic and should therefore only be used by professionals. You also have to mix the desired color yourself. This again requires experience with colors and color theory.
And a lot of effort to remove!

Do you still have questions? Then send us an e-mail or use our contact form. We are here for you.