Senjo Color BASIC as Airbrush MakeUp?

airbrush makeup mit Basic Thinner

With Senjo Color BASIC Thinner
1. for body painting & face painting – for thinning Senjo Color BASIC colors if they are too thick for your airbrush nozzles
2. or as Airbrush MakeUp – makes the colors so transparent that they are suitable for Airbrush MakeUp Foundation .

micha joos bodypainting

What if the perfect shade is just a blend away?
How would your art change if you could mix any color yourself?

The results looked very natural and are also well received by professionals.
The high-quality ingredients for the BASIC range have therefore more than paid off.

The Senjo Color BASIC chromatic colors for mixing any color shades

in 15ml, 75ml, 250ml, 500ml

15ml senjo color basic airbrush
Bottle of Senjo Color BASIC Thinner for thinning and blending

BASIC Thinner 75ml

With the consistency of a body lotion, it makes the colors finer without making them watery.
in 15ml, 75ml, 250ml, 500ml

Discover your advantages with BASIC Thinner for Airbrush MakeUp

You can buy ready-made shades or mix an infinite number of shades and nuances yourself with your own mixture. Semi-transparent in skin color, flashy in colorful or mixed with gold as a metallic effect color.

Discover endless possibilities. Mix an infinite number of shades with just 5 base colors and the thinner. Mix an infinite number of shades yourself, mix the desired transparency yourself, always have all shades to hand, prepared for all jobs with just 5 basic colors, inexpensive and efficient.


Tip: Premix your desired shades in an empty bottle and you will always have your personal shades to hand. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Still have questions about airbrush make-up?

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Seit 1992 in der Welt der Körperfarben unterwegs. Mit versorgte ich die ersten Bodypainting Künstlerfreunde mit Farben seit 1998. Bis 2009 endlich die Marke Senjo Color daraus geboren wurde.

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