Carnival 2018 with Senjo Color

Girls at Carnival parade clinking glasses with champagne

Well made up for carnival

Carnival make-up is a MUST. Alongside the costume, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest mood enhancers during the foolish goings-on. With a good dose of fun, the 5th season is guaranteed to be the highlight of young 2018.
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Whether Hellau, Alaaf, Hei-Jo, Aha, or whatever other battle cries resound through the streets to greet the jesters and revelers,…

…it is the convivial discharge after a long preparation time.
Karneval 5004877 Michael Fritzen

The right fabric for the costumes is often selected, sewn and made months in advance. Created designs for the masks etc.

We often receive the color samples long before the carnival season in order to present suitable color suggestions for Guggen and similar carnival clubs.

Senjo Color face body liner

With a few tools, make-up can be applied to the often numerous fellow participants in no time at all. Cosmetic airbrush paints, such as Senjo-Color Basic, are also increasingly being applied with a brush, as there is no longer any need to waste time mixing the can paint.

We also provide a range of helpful tools with the Senjo-Color face and body painting markers. The brushes and markers have a color tank and are sufficient for almost infinitely long lines and countless dots, but also for flat application. As they are easy to refill, they will be available again next year.

In combination with the Senjo-Color face painting stencils, you can also apply make-up to the whole group in record time.

Now it’s just a matter of collecting ideas and nothing stands in the way of cool carnival make-up.

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