Bodypainting WM Team Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein at the WBF2019


An incredible firework display of ideas and colors awaited visitors and participants at the 22nd World Bodypainting Festival 2019 in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Artists from over 50 countries were drawn to the Carinthian capital from July 7-13 to exchange ideas and compete for one of the coveted world titles in body painting.

Artists gather in front of the Senjo Color tent at WBF 2019

It often takes months of preparation and a huge amount of energy and talent to participate successfully.

While some enjoy the company of the artists and chill out at the festival, others are highly concentrated at work and devote all their energy to the competition.

What Claudia and Enrico offered us this year will probably set new standards.

The Bodypainting Team

Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein from Germany are one of the teams that have come up with something special for this year’s championships.

Both are no strangers to the bodypainting scene. Claudia has already claimed two first places at past World Championships and is known for her details and color compositions. Enrico scored his first world championship title in the SFX bodypainting category with the bodypainting crew in 2002. He is known for his latex applications and transformations for cosplay and the like.
He also made a major contribution to the development of the Senjo-Color story.

The World Cup preparation

The two have been working together successfully on various projects for some time now.
It was probably only a matter of time before the two decided to take part in the 2019 Bodypainting World Championships together.

Claudia is the planner of the details. Drafts were drawn and ideas exchanged. A motif had to be found that would play to the strengths of both of them. And that’s what they found.

Black and white instead of colorful. The finest lines, custom-made latex applications and controllable LED technology have been combined.

Model Aimée Alana also contributed the necessary experience, stamina and team spirit.

Competition Team Category “Galactic Zoo”

The Kraemer/Lein team had 6 hours to put their ideas into practice.
The weather was (still) on the artists’ side and offered the best conditions for all participants.
The tasks were clearly distributed. Team Technik was able to fulfill all tasks before the event. All the latex parts were modeled, molded and cast. Now it was time to glue and paint.

Latex application by Enrico Lein for the gargoyle at the WBF 2019

Using a mixed technique of airbrush and paintbrush, the two of them conjured up seemingly countless details on the model’s body at an enormous speed.
The two quickly and neatly breathed life into their gargoyle.

enrico und claudia beim malen
Gargoyle WBF2019 Craemer Lein
Image: WBProduction

On to the big World Cup final

It’s hard to believe what the two of them have managed to pull off! In the truest sense of the word.
It is done. The gargoyle is alive and causes quite a stir on the way to the jury.

Enrico Lein and Claudia Kraemer with their gargoyle bodypainting on their way to the jury at the Bodypainting World Championship 2019
Visitors stream through the grounds behind the Gargoyle at the WBF 2019.

Even the weather god Peter must have been hugely impressed by this work. During the assessment, he sent lightning and rain to the earth. I wonder what this firework display was supposed to herald?

Short interruption at the WBF 2019

What really happened in the jury tent remains hidden from us. Once the weather had calmed down, the Team Award participants finally had the opportunity to present themselves on stage.

Meanwhile, points were counted and the jury determined the placings.

Team Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein present their work on stage at the WBF 2019
Stage presentation of the Gargoyle at the WBF 2019

The long wait was worth it. What we were offered on stage was great cinema. Teams from all over the world presented their best work at a high world championship level.

The moment that everyone had been waiting for so long was about to arrive. The judges announced the winners of the team category at the Bodypainting World Championship 2019:

  1. 1st place – Claudia Kraemer & Enrico Lein (D) with model Aimée Alana
  2. Place – Madelyn Greco & Scott Fray (USA)
  3. 1st place – Yuri Falzetti & Lucia Postacchini (Italy)
The winners of the Team Award WBF 2019
This is what winners look like!

We congratulate everyone from the bottom of our hearts! It was an unforgettable competition.
And we are proud of the winners: Team Claudia & Enrico

I just can’t get enough of it. Do you feel the same way?
Then here are a few more pictures.


As the weather did not allow the stage presentation, which had been prepared for a long time, I would like to recommend the prepared video:

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