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The Senjo-Color range has been developed to meet the highest professional demands.
For a long time, we searched in vain for colors with these properties. We then put together the experience that we and our customers have gained over the last 15 years and developed a product that meets the highest professional standards.

Senjo Color Airbrush Bodypainting

Not only body painting artists from all over the world trust the quality of these unique colors.
More and more models are also enjoying the pleasant fragrance, the fact that the colors do not “stretch” on the skin and the uncomplicated shower ritual in addition to the good durability.

The Senjo-Color basic bodypainting paints >>> are highly pigmented, water-based and yet relatively quick-drying. They can be sprayed (depending on the color) with the finest nozzles from 0.2 mm. It can also be applied excellently with a sponge and brush. Many face painters also like to use the liquid colors because they can be painted immediately without having to be dissolved first.

bodypainting paint senjo color redSenjo-Color Stencils-> Stencils >>> For quick, easy work, stencils are always in great demand. we have developed stencils from our daily practice, which always save us a lot of work in our work. we now also offer this series for sale in stores.

Example image Faacepainting Stencil application

The Senjo-Color FX >>> range includes professional materials for make-up artists.
For example, various skin adhesives, skin-forming agents and film blood.

FX bodypainting with Enrico Lein for Senjo Color