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Senjo-Color products represent 15 years of expertise in bodypainting and special effects make-up for show, film, and theatre.

Bodypainters from around the world aren’t the only ones who put their trust into the sound quality of these unique paints.

More and more models also enjoy the pleasant scent of the paints, the fact that they do not ‘stretch’ the skin, the excellent durability, and the uncomplicated removal in the shower.

Senjo-Color Basic Bodypaints are highly pigmented and water-based, yet relatively fast drying. Depending on the shade, they can be airbrushed with nozzles from 0.2mm. Excellent results can also be achieved with brush and sponge. In addition, many face painters love to use these liquid paints, as they can be applied to the skin immediately.

The Tattoo-Paints have such a fine consistency that they can be used with even the smallest nozzles. They can be mixed, and look extremely realistic on the skin. Outstanding results are also achieved when using a brush. For your safety, the paints have been dermatologically tested and been awarded the grade “very good”.

Senjo-Color Stencils: stencils are in high demand to achieve quick and straightforward results. From our own daily practice we have developed stencils that help us save a lot of time. We are pleased to now offer this series for sale.

The Senjo-Color FX series comprises professional materials for make-up artists, such as skin adhesives, skinning agents, and film blood.


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