Tenerife Bodypainting Festival 2018

Tenerife bodypainting festival 2018

Finally! On September 8, 2018 the time had come:

The most colourful highlight of the fading body painting summer had started. About 20 Bodypainting artists followed the call of organizer Maike Karrer to the island and entered the common competition.
For the third time, the artists presented themselves to the public on the sunny island.

Team Senjo Color was a sponsor again in 2018 and presents you the colorful pictures here.

The weather has already shown us several faces. Now the sun is shining and enlightening the way to the finale…

Also two of the judges, Matteo Arfanotti (Italia) and Miguel Angel (Colombia) could not restrain themselves and started their joint body painting outside the competition.

matteo arfanotti und miguel angel bodypainting festival teneriffa 2018

Results of the Bodypainting Competition at the 3rd Bodypainting Festival Tenerife

Category Brush Sponge, sponsored by Cameleon:

Platz 1 Yasmina Jacinto, Teneriffa
Platz 2 Ottorina Danese, Italien
Platz 3 Elli Ma, Österreich

Open category, sponsored by Senjo Color:

Platz 1 Jorge Perez Glez, Gran Canaria
Platz 2 Lora Tulchinski, Israel
Platz 3 Aythami Vega Trujillo, Gran Canaria

Video Antena 3 Terefiffa:


Organizer Maike and the participating artists agree: 2019 is the 4th round!
We are already very happy and use the time for new ideas.