The occasions are fundamentally different. The bodypainting colors are always the same. Water-soluble, skin-friendly, easy to wash off.



For party & photo shoot

Pop Art Bodypainting

Face painting

Faces for party & festival

Catrina face painting for Halloween

Kids’ Face Painting

Make children’s eyes shine

Fantasy Kids Facepainting

The Senjo Color Bodypainting range


Senjo-Color BASIC Liquid Bodypainting paint

Bodypainting paint for airbrush.
It is ideal for use with airbrushes and also as a liquid for brushes.
You can create intricate details and even large areas of foundation on the body with ease.

Senjo Color Face & Body Cake for brush and sponge

If you are looking for classic make-up colors for face painting, Kids’ Face Painting and body painting, you will quickly fall in love with the Cake colors in the elegant screw-top tin.



Senjo Color BIO Glitter

Glitter for body painting, face painting, Kids’ Face Painting and glitter tattoos.
How can you top a beautiful face painting? With glitter as a highlight, for example! Glitter tattoos with natural organic glitter don’t just make children’s eyes sparkle.

Senjo Color Motif Stencils

Find the right motif and get started. For face painting, fake tattoos & more.
Whether you paint with a brush or pencil, or apply the colors with an airbrush, it’s best to try it out for yourself. The sturdy films are durable, easy to clean and, with good care, can be reused almost forever.