Karneval 2018 mit Senjo Color

Good make-up for the carnival

Carnival make-up is a MUST. In addition to the costume, she is undoubtedly one of the strongest Stimmungsverbreiter foolish drifting. With a good dose of fun, the 5th year is guaranteed to be the highlight of the young 2018 as well.

Whether it’s Hellau, Alaaf, Hei-Jo, Aha, or whatever sounds of battle cries to greet the fools and the jacks through the streets, …
… it’s the sociable discharge after a long preparation time.

Often months before the right fabric for the costumes is selected, sewn and crafted. Designs for the masks created etc.

Not infrequently, we get the color samples long before the fool’s day to present the matching color suggestions for Guggen and similar carnival clubs.

With some aids, the make-up of often numerous colleagues succeeds in no time. Cosmetic airbrush colors, such as the Senjo-Color Basic, are also more often applied with the brush, since there is no more time to spend to mix the can color is wasted.

Senjo Color face body liner

Also with the Senjo-Color Face- and Bodypainting markers we provide a number of helpful utensils. The brushes and markers have a color tank and are enough for seemingly endless lines and countless dots, but also for surface application. Because they can easily be refilled, they will be available again next year.

In combination with the Senjo-Color Facepainting templates, you can also make-up the whole troupe in record time.

Now it is time to collect ideas and the cool carnival MakeUp is nothing in the way.

You can find a selection in the online shop at | Theatermakeup.de |