Senjo-Color® FX INK stains

Senjo-Color® FX INK airbrush paint is very economical. The 15 ml are sufficient for up to 50 small tattoo motifs. The INKS are suitable for stencil and freehand techniques with an airbrush and for painting on with a brush.

For a long time, we searched in vain for colors with these properties. We then put together the experience that we and our customers have gained over the last 20 years and developed a product that meets the highest professional standards. They have proved particularly effective for film and photo shoots.Senjo Color Tattoo Sword

all shades can be mixed with each other
Can be sprayed with the finest nozzles
Cleaning/dilution with ISO cleaning alcohol 99%
They last on all our prosthetics.

We recommend the original Senjo fixing powder. Other types of powder may not set sufficiently and the motif may remain sticky.
With baby powder, for example, white veils are disturbing to recognize.

available in:
Tattoo black – the best-selling realistic look thanks to a mix of black, blue and green
Deep black
Sea blue
Sea green
Fire red
Henna brown
Sun yellow

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