Classic aqua make-up paints for face painting, Kids’ Face Painting and body painting, belly painting etc. in an elegant screw-top tin and proven make-up palette.


In summer 2019, the time had finally come. After 10 years on the market, the Senjo-Color family has grown and we have been working on it for a long time. The essence of an almost infinite number of test series with body painting colleagues and chemists.
Having to endure many a sleepless night after unsuccessful attempts.

Just in time for the WBF 2019, the World Bodypainting Festival, we were proud to present the new Senjo Color treasures to over 300 international artists.
Solid paint as cake for processing with brush and sponge now makes the assortment round.

Special features of Senjo Color Make-up

  • water-soluble and very productive
  • suitable for brushes and sponges
  • recommended for beginners and professionals
  • high pigmentation
  • can be easily mixed with each other
  • matte surface
  • for the complete body primer as well as
  • suitable for fine details on the face with brush or airbrush
  • the colors can be easily removed with water and soap
  • vegetable emulsifiers from sustainable cultivation
  • with vitamin E and chamomile oil
  • purely herbal adhesives, free of plastics as adhesives
  • Made in Berlin/Germany

The first 20 shades are ready. Made in Berlin, Made in Germany. Available since August 2019.

Kids' Face Painting with Silke Kirchhoff and Senjo Color

Hohe Pigmentierung – problemlos abwaschbar

With the purchase of Senjo-Color Bodypainting Cake paint, you can look forward to a product that is characterized by extremely high pigmentation and colour intensity.
If your artwork needs to be washed off again, this can be done easily with soap and water.

With a little water, the colour is stirred creamy until the desired consistency is achieved.
Then it can be applied in fine lines with brush, or on larger surfaces sponges.

Are you looking for a good cake bodypainting color? Then the Face & Body from Senjo-Color is made for you.
As make-up or children’s make-up. Senjo Color Face & Body is a good choice.

Aqua Bodypainting Farbe für Pinsel und Schwamm

You get a high-quality paint for application with a brush and sponge. From Kids’ Face Painting to extraordinary works of art on the face or the whole body. Elaborate decorations, floral patterns or spacy shapes – there are no limits to your creativity with Senjo-Color bodypainting paint in cake form.
Thanks to the cosmetic formula of the color, it is also safe to use on children’s faces. Plant-based ingredients and care substances ensure a good feeling. For example, we have incorporated vitamin E and camomile oil, which are known for their positive effect in valuable skin creams.

Entdecke hier die Farbenvielfalt der Aqua Bodypainting Cakes in Dosen

Bodypainting color cans selection shades

For the special skin compatibility, which is especially important for the application on the face for children and adults, we have incorporated a lot of natural raw materials.

Vegetable emulsifiers from sustainable cultivation, care substances such as vitamin E and chamomile oil, as well as vegetable adhesives ensure good tolerability.

The antibacterial and skin-soothing effect of the chamomile, combined with the cell protection vitamin E, makes a valuable contribution.

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