Senjo-Color face and body liner

The Senjo-Color Face- & Bodyliner is the ingenious brush with paint tank for your pocket!
The brilliant brush with a paint reservoir.

Instructions for use

Paint or touch up quickly and cleanly.
For body and face. Soluble in water.
Dermatologically tested.

Quick and clean body painting.
Ideal for face painting. Waterbased.
Dermatologically tested.

If you need a brush full of color for quick painting or touch-ups, the face and body liner is the perfect solution.
Turn the end of the brush until paint flows out of the tip and off you go.
After use, put the cap on and put it back in the bag.

Senjo-Color Basic is a water-soluble, high-yield and finely pigmented bodypainting paint for brushes and airbrushes.

The paint is also very suitable for details in face and body painting with a brush.

Fixing spray can be used for fixing.
Senjo-Color Bodypaint can be easily washed off with soap and water.

Instructions for use

Shake the brush well! The color pigments should be evenly distributed in the tank.
Paint is fed into the tip of the brush by turning the end of the brush. – Twist the end of the brush until the paint starts to flow.
The first time, turn until a drop has formed at the tip of the brush. Now work the paint into the tip of the brush on a cloth or on the back of your hand.
One test stroke on the back of the hand and the brush is ready for use.
When the brush is opened again, there is enough paint in the brush tip. Now only add color if the tip becomes too dry.
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With a little practice, you can also refill the tank in the brush.
Pressing the side of the brush end releases the clicked-in end piece with the mechanism from the brush.
The paint stamp is now turned back and the brush tank can be refilled.
Now reinsert the end piece until it clicks into place. Hold the brush with the tip pointing upwards and turn the air out of the brush by turning the end piece.
When the first drop of color blinks out of the brush tip, the face and body liner is ready for use again.