You want to learn basics in body painting, airbrushing, or for SFX MakeUp? Or as an advanced deepen your knowledge? Then you are right in the Senjo-Color Bodypainting and Airbrush Academy.
Also demonstrations of various techniques in front of larger groups are very popular.

Courses of the #SenjoAcademy
senjo-color bodypainting schnupperkurs jerez-spanien

Selection from our price list:
– Airbrush Basics
– Airbrush Tattoo
– Bodypainting Basics
– Bodypainting with SFX
– Facepainting Basics
– SFX wound imaging
– SFX – Prosthetics


– Janny Cierpka – Airbrush, Bodypainting, Tattoo, SFX
– Enrico Lein – Airbrush, Bodypainting, Tattoo, SFX
– Silke Kirchhoff – Bodypainting, Facepainting
– Udo Schurr – Airbrush, bodypainting
– Peter Tronser – Airbrush, bodypainting, SFX
– Dennis Penkov – SFX
– Barney Nikolic – SFX
We also offer our courses in different languages.
Standard – German
Extended – English, Spanish, etc.,

Academy Location
SenjoLoft Berlin

Lübarser Straße 40-46, 13435 Berlin-Wittenau

We also like to come to you with our flying workshop program in schools, theaters, clubs etc.

Current Workshops

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For about 20 years we offer courses for airbrush, bodypainting and special effects. We have been working together with many lecturers for many years and have already provided a lot of knowledge. Our course fees often include coursebooks and certificates. Please ask if interested.