Primer for face & body painting:

ApolloFX -Basic – Warming – Cooling – Senjo Color Edition

Brilliant Performance Primer for body painting and make-up
Smoothes the skin and ensures radiant colors and better durability

The three bottles of Brilliant, Cooling and Warming Primer

Brilliant Basic Primer APOLLOFX 100ml Senjo Color Edition

Brilliant Performance Primer for radiant colors, with warming and cooling effect for make-up and body painting.
Smoothes the skin and ensures radiant colors and better durability.

Application APOLLOFX Primer

Simply spray onto clean, oil-free skin or apply with an airbrush.
When applied with a brush, water-soluble paints can also be dissolved and painted directly with APOLLOFX Primer.

Apply PRIMER evenly and thinly using a pump or airbrush with approx. 0.4 mm nozzle.
Then clean the airbrush with water only.
The PRIMER remains film-forming on the skin – it is not rinsed off or rubbed off.
Once it has been drawn in, you can start painting.
The PRIMER can be easily washed off with soap and water.

The unique PRIMING FX technology was developed in Germany and is produced in Germany.
The protective and nourishing effect is not only noticeable, but also visible. A unique solution, especially for long photo sessions.

Discover the APOLLOFX family – Senjo Color Edition

A primer family designed for professionals that belongs in every make-up case:

APOLLOFX Primer Basic – The basis for luminous body colors with good adhesion to the skin
APOLLOFX Primer Cooling – The base with a cooling effect
APOLLOFX Primer Warming – The base with a warming effect

Ingredients Basic Primer Apollofx

Aqua, chitosan salicylate, polysorbate 20, menthol
With long-term formula thanks to patented micro particles.

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