Airbrush stencils from Senjo-Color for body art, model making, tattooing and much more.

Templates are always in great demand for quick, easy work.
We have developed airbrush stencils from our daily practice, which save us a lot of work time and again.
We also offer this series for sale in stores.

We use polyester as the stencil material, which we have manufactured in Germany. This is specially adapted to our lasers and enables good quality in production.
The material can even be cleaned with alcohol and acetone if necessary. In general, our alcohol-based tool cleaner is completely sufficient to dissolve paint residues and remove them without leaving a haze.
We also produce finished motif templates with our industrial laser directly in our company.

Senjo Color Airbrush Stencils

We are your professional contact for theater and show make-up. There is no question that stencils are also an important tool here.

Based in Berlin, we produce and distribute a wide range of products and have focused on body painting and special effects in our 20 years of experience. Senjo Color stencils and paints are also very popular in cosplay.

Motif stencils

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Blank stencil material

| Polyester semi-transparent | Polyester white, self-adhesive |

Face painting stencils

The scoop: face painting with stencils!
It could hardly be easier or quicker. Apply the stencil and trace the contours, or color them in completely.

Entire theater or carnival groups can be made up with reasonable effort.

Example of face painting stencil application

Airbrush tattoo stencils

Realistic tattoos as fake tattoos are probably just as popular as the colorful motifs. The right motif for the right occasion.
Quick and easy to use.

airbrush stencil football application senjo color

FX stencils

Stencils for special effects. For stage and screen, or for the next Halloween party.
Bloodstains, horror teeth….

Design motif stencils

You can use an airbrush, brush or sponge to apply the colors to a wide variety of surfaces.
Thanks to good motif templates, you can do this quickly and in good quality.

Blank stencil material

Semi-transparent polyester stencil films
0.19 mm / 0.25 mm thick DIN A4 films


Create your own DYI stencil – Paint or print the desired motif on the film and cut it out with the tool of your choice. You can then start designing the object or person straight away.

  • translucent
  • Can be cut with cutter, scissors, Co² laser
  • Alcohol resistant
  • reusable
  • Motif printing with laser printer*

To design your stencil, you can either paint the motif by hand or print it onto the film using a laser printer*.

*Always test the printer for suitability beforehand, contact the manufacturer if necessary.

Application – Now the color comes into play!

The finished stencil can either be held in place or glued on.
Which color is selected depends on the motif and background.

  • Hair – e.g. color hairspray, long-lasting and dries very quickly (alcohol-based)
  • Airbrush tattoo – e.g. alcohol-based tattoo paints (e.g. Senjo Color INK)
  • Kids’ Face Painting – watercolors (e.g. Senjo-Color Basic or Cake)
  • Body painting – all body paints, the following applies: water-based paints dry more slowly than alcohol-based paints

Airbrushes, brushes or paint sprays can be used for application.
The paint must not be too liquid and must not be sprayed or brushed towards the edges of the stencil.

The complete range of stencils in the store of our sales partner Shop Senjo-Color Airbrush Stencils

Production on customer request

We are also happy to produce motifs on customer request. From airbrush tattoo stencils to wall tattoos, everything is possible.

With precision lasers, we can produce entire series with company logos and/or desired motifs.
We can only offer individual stencils with standard motifs.