Airbrush Senjo PRO Side ViewThe Senjo Color PRO 0.4 airbrush was developed in collaboration with Harder & Steenbeck Germany. With her a set was created, which is unparalleled. Extensive accessories are supplied in the basic equipment. Its properties have been adapted to the needs of artists in the fields of make-up, body painting and model making.

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Airbrush with chips in production

Together with Harder & Steenbeck, we then brought together the best components in one device.

Airbrush Senjo Color PRO end piece open

Airbrush Senjo Pro Airhead Detailed View
Fast intermediate cleaning thanks to sophisticated technology

The open end piece allows the needle to be quickly pulled back for quick intermediate cleaning.

The Fineline nozzle is protected with an open fork head and allows quick cleaning without annoying distraining days in the middle of work.

Airbrush Senjo PRO, supplied with delivery

Airbrush with mug 5ml
Lid for colour cup 5ml
Fineline nozzle set 0.4mm
Color quantity regulation on the end piece
1/8″ screw connection with plug-in nipple 2.7mm
Delivery in case
Instruction booklet

Spare parts and accessories

The Airbrush Senjo PRO belongs to the family of the Airbrush Evolution models. Thus, most parts are compatible and interchangeable.

FPC Pressure Controller
End piece with Quickfix
Colour cup 2ml, colour cup MICRO
Nozzle sets 0.15-0.6mm
Speckle cap
Nozzle cleaning needle
Cleaning brushes
Airbrush Care Oil
Airbrush Holder
Airbrush hoses and couplings

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