Senjo-Color FX

The Senjo-Color FX series comprises professional materials for make-up artists for use in film, theatre and show. They are also in high demand from amateurs for Halloween Parties and role plays.

Our product range includes latex pieces and a variety of skin adhesives, skinning agents, and artificial blood.

Painting auf der MADS 2013

Senjo-Color zickenhoernchen
Latex parts (noses, ears, wounds,…)
HD mastic
special adhesives

Liquid Barrier – Adhesive primer and surface protection
Latex Edge Filler – edge paste
Remover for special adhesives
airbrush cleaner
skin cleanser
skin-forming substances


Senjo Color Latex Prosthetics online:
Current Prosthetic Catalogue for download: | PDF Katalog Latexteile 2015 |