Senjo-Color Body Paint Marker

The brilliant brush with a paint reservoir. For face painting, body painting. For small & large areas.
Quick and clean body painting.
Ideal for face painting. Waterbased.
For small & large areas.
Dermatologically tested.

If you need a pen full of colour quickly for quick painting or repairing, the Face and Body Liners and Markers are just what you need.
New in the series of Face- and Body Liners is this Face- & Body Marker with 12mm applicator.
After use cap on it and back into the bag.

22 Shades

2 sizes

for festivals, children’s make-up, professional body painting, parties, sports events as fan make-up…

Use the marker like a brush you don’t have to dip into the paint anymore and save a lot of time.

Super fast, super clean, easy to use,
Soft application of paint, easy to wash off with soap and water.

Senjo-Color Basic is a water-soluble, high-yield and finely pigmented body painting paint for brushes and airbrushes.

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