Senjo-Color® FX Tattoo Malfarben

Senjo-Color® Tattoo INK Airbrush Color is very economical. Thus the 15ml are sufficient for up to 50 small tattoos. The INKS are suitable for stencil and freehand technique with airbrush, and for painting on with brush.

For a long time we have searched in vain for colours with these properties. Then we brought together the experience we and our customers have gained over the last 15 years to develop a product that meets the highest professional standards.

Senjo Color Tattoo Schwert

Senjo-Color® Tattoo INK black has been dermatologically tested with “very good”.

all colours are mixable with each other
sprayable with finest nozzles
Cleaning/dilution with ISO-cleaning alcohol 99
lasts 2-7 days

Please use the original Senjo tattoo powder. With other powder types it can happen that you do not fixate sufficiently and the tattoo remains sticky.

available in:

Tattoo Black – the most popular realistic look through a blend of black, blue, green
deep black
sea blue
sea green
Sun yellow

The Senjo-Tattoo range was developed for the highest professional demands. The INCs are so fine that they can be sprayed with the finest nozzles (undiluted from 0.2 mm) They are mixable with each other and look extremely realistic on the skin. They are also very easy to apply with a brush.

Very realistic results can be achieved by combining airbrush and brush technique: Apply a thin layer of airbrush and stencil motif and then apply an outline around the motif with a fine brush.

Example: Back tattoo chin. characters
Download the catalogue: Senjo-Color-Katalog-2015.pdf

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