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Body Painting

Seahorse Bodypainting 3D

An extraordinary work from the world of bodypainting …with three models, a good idea and a touch of magical artistic energy. The representation of a seahorse brought countless hours of work for 10 people. The […]

Body Painting

Creature Facepainting Session for Halloween

Hard to believe. It’s Halloween again in two months! The creepiest time of the year with all its myths captivates us again. Make-up Ideas for Halloween 2018 Countless parties and social media actions tempt us […]

Body Painting

Steampunk Bodypainting

Last Saturday a real journey through time took place at the Senjo-Loft. Destination –  parallel worlds! The world of steaming gear drives, coquettish models in kinky waistcoats, odd pocket watches, old gas lamps  and the […]

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Easter Bodypainting im SenjoLoft

It has been already 4 weeks since we are finally home at our new Loft. So it is about time to invite some cool body painters at our first Jam-Session >:) You can spend your […]

Werwolf Bodypainting Modell

Werewolf Bodypainting Shooting

Werewolf Bodypainting by Silke Kirchhoff Silke Kirchhoff (Bodypainterin) and Frank Dobbert (Photographer) staged their Wehrwolf with bodypainting. Popular for Halloween, zombie walks and similar events is the werewolf. The transformation of a human into a […]