Madrid Bodypainting Art Meeting

During the past month, the first meeting of new makeup artists for bodypainting that brought together new members of the makeup family was held in Madrid in the capital of Spain.

This unique event could be located in one of the pioneering premises of this art such as La Kasa of makeup, without doubt one of the best possible professional makeup centers with its own academy.

The call was attended by new make-up artists, models, photographers and visitors who formed a fun day full of activities and creativity.

The fantastic results are guaranteed as well as the professionalism of the team.

This type of meetings will be held every 2 months and is open to new participations prior registration in the next event.

For senjo color it has been a pleasure to be able to collaborate with the event and present the new brush products among all the participants. We love being present in your new creations and ideas.

We encourage you to participate in the following editions as they will have new surprises to offer.

Seeing the wonderful results obtained in the first edition, this type of meeting has undoubtedly been a great idea.

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