Football today in the Sign of the EM

Airbrush Schablone mit Fussball Motiv

Be there, when the top of the European Football teams in the most exciting games of the year crown their Hero: Set a sign, show what your heart beats for!

Geschminkte Fussballfans im Stadion Fotolia_109127389
Show flag with Fanschminke

Show the flag with fan make-up

It’s so easy today

It is quick, easy and leaves quite an impression. No matter whether in the stadium, while public viewing, or at the party with friends. Show your flag. Show what your heart beats for, when the European champion teams compete against each other.

Airbrush, Brush, or simply using Markers?

Senjo-Color makes it easy for you. For the party and the fast Make-up on the go, you are well equipped with our Bodypainting Markers.

Senjo-Color Face und Body-Marker

Out of the pocket and down onto the face.

Draw the flag of your choice easier than ever before directly with the marker. The pins do not only have extremely high coverage, but are also filled with cosmetic color.

After painting simply put the cap on top and put it back into the pocket until the next non-painted football fan passes by, and looks forward to his drawing.

Fussball Airbrush Schablone in der Anwendung


Put the handy little polyester templates at desired position and apply the color with a sponge/brush or with the airbrush spray. Then decorate it skillfully with the national colors of your choice and done!

Airbrush Schablone mit Fussball Motiv

The result is a whole success! Football today only with Fan Make-Up!

Whether with three strips to a flag, or with a template to the correct football design artwork. To be one of them. To be one of the great Fan- team and of course also belong to your football team!




Buying Fan Make up – Color Tip 

Senjo-Color color marker, Bodypainting colors and templates are to be found in the specialist store as well as online. As professional colors are very highly pigmented, you only need very little material. The markers are sufficient for many hundreds of flags. The templates and very long lasting and for private use with airbrush already small 15ml bottles are enough for around 50 flags.(depending on size of the image)

Lots of fun in using the make-up! Get started, collect the best ideas and order the paints!

Football Stencil Templates
Bodypainting Marker
Bodypainting ColorsFußball mit Farbklecks