Easter Bodypainting im SenjoLoft

osterhase bodypainting enrico lein senjo color

SenjoLoft Berlin

It has been already 4 weeks since we are finally home at our new Loft. So it is about time to invite some cool body painters at our first Jam-Session >:)

Senjo-Color Oster-Bodypainting-Jam-Session-2017

You can spend your Easter not only searching the eggs and eating an Easter pie – these was proved by our bodypainting artists at the Senjo Jam Session!

Three bodypainting artists expressed themselves in three totally different art ways. Janny Cierpka swang her brush to create picturesque impressions. Enrico Lein worked with his 3 D effects from latex  and Micha Joos went very deeply into details.

Due to our Foto-Freak Hannes we could capture everything on celluloid, ah….on a chip and document everything for the posterity.

Though the Easter topic was rather secondary, we still managed to carry out at the end a plan by creating two Easter bunnies 🙂

osterhase bodypainting enrico lein senjo color
Enrico’s Easterbunny


Graffiti Bodypainting Bunny von Micha Joos This rabbit is still colourless, but its ok…you see the artist in the process of working.

Janny wanted her model Alex to become one with a background. So she wrapped her model Alexander in “colourful black” and made him freeze in stone….

Janny Statue Bodypainting Senjocolor

More diverse than this any other bodypainting session is hard to imagine. 3 artists, 3 styles…Or still it is?

We are already looking forward to welcome other artists to experience new bodypaintings, new shootings in our #SenjoLoft. Hehe.. and still Senjo-Color gets sometimes under your skin, doesn’t it?…..:)