Enjoy the Carnival 2020

Canavales en Senjo Color

It is Carnival time around the world, in some countries like Brazil or Uruguay this event is a cultural tradition.

Es tiempo para maquilladoras y maquilladores de estar preparado ante la multitud de eventos.

In Senjo Color we have prepared the best selection of products available so you do not miss anything and you can create freely.

Brush Use Products

Aquacolor Cakes 25ml – 45Gm

Perfect product to use into face – bodypainting creations, ready to use you only need to add water to mix then is now ready.

You can decided which one of the 20 colors including 2 metalic ones by a very economic price

The Bodyliner – 4.5m

Enjoy this pen already prepared in the color you choose. Ideal for precision drawings and fine lines.

Its use is very simple, just apply with the tip of the brush and turn the back of the pen.

You can hear its sound when turning it while the tip is charging with the color.

Once used it is cleaned properly and can be recharged with any single color liquid, its duration is unlimited.

The BodyMaker – 30ml

If you need to cover colored surfaces quickly without the need for a brush or water, this is your product.

Its use is very simple since it is about squeezing the marker and letting the sponge on the tip load color.

Una vez utilizado se limpia y se puede recargar con cualquier color liquido de senjo color, su duraccion es ilimitada.

Airbrush use Products

Templates for complete and complementary faces

Enjoy these templates for airbrush in which you will have your client with a broad smile.

Flexible and reusable indefinitely

Water Base Liquids Airbrush – from 15ml a 1.000ml

Our basic classics in a range of up to 28 colors with 2 metal included.

Just shake them and apply them directly

Tintas semipermanentes para efectos especiales desde 15ml a 1.000ml

Alcohol-based product, apply them with the airbrush directly or with the brush or sponge.

Highly used for long-lasting characterizations, temporary tattoos or special effects

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