Discover the Senjo Social Media Wall now

social wall senjo-color
Thousands of social networking sites are waiting to be discovered. How good that there are social media walls that summarize everything written under a hashtag on one page.


#senjocolor is our hashtag, which is used by our dealers and artists worldwide. What’s new in the world of Senjo-Colorics? Then take a look inside:
social wall senjo-color
Of course, you can also view the social media pages individually: Senjo-Color on Instagram: Senjo-Color on Facebook: …..

Your pictures at the Senjo-Color Wall

You want to see your body painting, face painting, tattoo, SFX painting… what you have created with Senjo Color on the Social Media Wall of Senjo Color? It’s easy: Post your post to a network of your choice and use the hashtag  #senjocolor . You’re already on it.