Creature Facepainting Session for Halloween

Hard to believe. It’s Halloween again in two months! The creepiest time of the year with all its myths captivates us again.

Make-up Ideas for Halloween 2018

Countless parties and social media actions tempt us to make up and dress up again. The successful transformation of course also includes the matching make-up idea. This one was spontaneously created at our place in Senjoloft last night. Airbrush artist Micha Joos from southern Germany came to visit with model Philomena and what happens when people with many colourful ideas come together again?


An undead creature it should be. A simple face painting with brush and airbrush. Senjo-Color colors, fake blood and contact lenses patiently waited for their use in Philomena’s face. Micha Joos is known for his freehand airbrush paintings. On his website you can get an impression of the variety and quality.

Halloween Kreatur Shooting

Yesterday we shooted into the night to keep the creature in the right light for the eerie Halloween eternity.

Is it a skull or a black and white pumpkin face? Somehow it has something of both. We are already excited to see what zombies, pumpkins, witches, fairies and the countless other make-up ideas will be created for Halloween 2018.

If you still need some material, you can also have a look around on the Halloween Shop page at and equip yourself with the appropriate specials.