Children make-up children – the Bodypainting – offspring

Kinder schminken Kinder stehen auf der Bühne
As part of the 4th Heringsdorf Bodypainting Festival 2016, a children’s make-up contest took place last Friday under the motto “Neptune’s Sunken Worlds”. The children painted their faces with Neptune’s diversity and proudly presented themselves on stage.
The jury consisted of local children and professional face painters.
The children were well prepared and had some designs. Professional make-up artists supported the children and parents in the implementation.
Kinder schminken Kinder stehen auf der Bühne

The winners were subsequently honored by Rumpelstil from Berlin in the spotlight of the Heringsdorf concert shell.
kinderschminken buehne mit rumpelstil in heringsdorf 2016

Not only the parents of the participating children were proud of their offspring. The municipal administration of the imperial baths was also impressed by the response to this event. “.. that was just great .. and is beautiful every year ..” Lehmann from the spa administration.

The organizers, Fisch Domke (Catering) and Senjo Color (artist organization) also want to repeat this program at the Heringsdorf Bodypanting Festival 2017 in any case.