Bodypainting WM Team Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein at the WBFestival2019

WM Bodypainting Gargoyle von Claudia Kraemer und Enrico Lein auf der Bühne

An incredible firework of ideas and colours awaited visitors and participants at the 22nd World Bodypainting Festival 2019 in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Artists from more than 50 countries came to the Carinthian capital from 7th to 13th July to exchange ideas and to compete for one of the coveted world champion titles in body painting.

Künstler versammeln sich vor dem Senjo Color Zelt beim WBF 2019

Often months are spent in preparation and a lot of energy and talent are required for a successful participation.

While some enjoy the community of artists and chill out to let the festival have its effect, others are highly concentrated at work and all bring their energy to the competition.

What Claudia and Enrico have offered us this year will probably set new standards.

The Bodypainting Team

Claudia Kraemer and Enrico Lein from Germany are one of the teams that have come up with something special for this year’s championships.

Both are not a blank sheet in the bodypainter artist scene. Claudia has already claimed two first places at past World Championships and is known for her details and colour compositions. Enrico scored 2002 with the Bodypaintingcrew to the first WM title in the category SFX Bodypainting. He is known for his latex applications and transformations in Cosplay and Co.
He also made a great contribution to the development of the Senjo-Color history.

The WM Preparation

Both have been working together successfully on various projects for some time now.
It was only a matter of time until the two of them decided to take part in the Bodypainting World Championships 2019 together.

Claudia is the planner of the details. Drafts were drawn, ideas exchanged. A motive had to be found, which demands the strengths of both of them. And that’s what they found.

Black and white instead of colorful. Finest lines, custom-made latex applications and controllable LED technology were combined.

Model Aimée Alana also contributed the necessary experience, endurance and team spirit.

Contest Team Categorie “Galactic Zoo”

Team Kraemer/Lein were available for 6 hours to put their ideas into practice.
The weather was (still) on the side of the artists and offered best conditions for all participants.
The tasks were clearly distributed. The technical team was able to complete all the tasks before the event. All latex parts were modelled, moulded and poured out. Now it was time to stick it on and paint it.

Latex Applikation von Enrico Lein für den Gargoyle beim WBF 2019

In a mixed technique of airbrush and brush, the two have conjured seemingly countless details onto the model’s body at an enormous speed.
Quick and clean, the two of them breathed life into their Gargoyle.

Picture: WBProduction

Let’s go to the World Cup Final

I can’t believe what they’ve put together! Literally.
It’s done. The Gargoyle is alive and causes quite a stir on the way to the jury.

Enrico Lein und Claudia Kraemer mit ihrem Gargoyle Bodypainting auf dem Weg zur Jury bei der Bodypainting WM 2019
Besucher strömen durch das Gelände beim WBF 2019 hinter dem Gargoyle.

Even weather god Peter must have impressed this work enormously. During the evaluation he sent lightning and rain to the earth. What do you think this fireworks should have started?

Kurze Unterbrechung beim WBF 2019

What really happened in the jury tent remains hidden to us. After the weather had calmed down, the participants of the Team Award finally got the opportunity to present themselves on stage.

Meanwhile, points were scored and the jury determined the placings.

Team Claudia Kraemer und Enrico Lein präsentieren ihr Werk auf der Bühne beim WBF 2019
Bühnenpräsentation des Gargoyle beim WBF 2019

The long wait was worth it. What we were offered on stage was great cinema. Teams from all over the world presented their best work to us at a high world championship level.

The moment that everyone has been waiting for for so long should come soon. The judges announced the winners of the team category at the Bodypainting WM 2019:

1st place – Claudia Kraemer & Enrico Lein (Germany) Model Aimée Alana
2nd place – Madelyn Greco & Scott Fray (USA)
3rd place – Yuri Falzetti & Lucia Postacchini (Italy)

Die Sieger beim Team Award WBF 2019
So sehen Sieger aus!

We congratulate everyone from the bottom of our hearts! It was an unforgettable competition.
And we are proud of the winners: Team Claudia & Enrico

I just can’t get enough of myself. Is that how you’re doing?
Then here are some more pictures.

Since the weather did not allow the long prepared stage presentation, I would like to recommend the prepared video to you: