Bodypainting Star Celebrations

Senjo Color Weihnachtsstern am Baum

The days are getting shorter and shorter, bodypainting is only on the agenda again in the new year…

Finally time to try something new again. What could be more natural than to create something for Christmas? If the models do not want to be painted again until spring, something different can be done.
How about your own Christmas star?

Peter’s Christmas DIY tip: Bodypainting Vintage Christmas Star

After some digging I found a few, not so beautiful, silver poinsettias. Actually, they don’t go with anything anymore.
Weihnachtsstern silber blank
But with the logo on it this could be something…
So the laser is thrown on and a logo is conjured on it. Can I also use a brush/airbrush etc? I’ll say. Can also be done 😉

Stern mit aufgelasertem Senjo Color Logo
Looks kind of boring? Hmm…. Well then we’ll give it a vintage look!
So we get black Senjo Color Bodypainting colors and off we go.
Senjo Weihnachtsstern bemalen
Apply thick black paint to the corners and then spread evenly. And because it’s cosmetic paint, I can paint it on with my fingers. It’s going great!
Vintage Weihnachtsstern wird poliert
After a short drying time the star is polished and shines immediately in the new, old vintage look!

That really makes me feel MORE. Let’s see what else I can get my hands on. Since my little tree in SenjoLoft has room for several stars, I’m still busy with it for a while. Once you’ve started it, it’s supposed to be done. All right, let’s do it. I’ll get on with it.

Many greetings from SenjoLoft

Senjo Color Weihnachtsstern am Baum