Bodypainting artists take Africa by storm

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1. Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival

Africa is known for its art. Especially African woodcarvings have taken a firm place in our memories.

Granted. Body painting is also not new on this continent. People have been painted here for thousands of years. Countless tribes have established this form of body art firmly from the simple ritual paintings and sunscreens from earth slime since time immemorial body art.

In our modern times, the importance of rituals has receded into the background. Free art, fun experimenting and commercial use of the artists determine the image of contemporary body painting. For many people it has become a leisure activity and the new media enable worldwide communication with like-minded people.

More and more events are establishing themselves and attract painters from all over the world to come together for a colourful rendezvous.

For the first time, however, an African country is now calling for an international meeting of body painters. The National Park Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, will be the scene of the bodypainting world from 12th to 20th January 2019.

Of course we also have artists on site and will report here.

Artists on the go

The journey is unusually long for many artists. Flights with several changes and over time zones. There are fast times 20 hours travel time on the clock. How beautiful it is when the first travel groups are formed there and the artists travel together. We just got the first picture of Maike Karrer(Tenerife), Yasmina Jacinto(Tenerife) and Erasmo Daaz(Senjo Color Spain, Malaga) from On the Road.

maike karrer yasmina jacinto erasmo daaz auf der Reise nach Malabo

First dinner in Malabo. Little by little the artists arrive.

Bodypainting Artists first meeting Malabo

We wish you an exciting journey and look forward to the many pictures of one of the most exciting body painting events in the world.

The annual Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting festival,
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Malabo Amusement Park,
Equatorial Guinea