Senjo-Color Face- und Body-Liner

The brilliant brushe with a paint reservoir. For face painting, body painting…

How to use

 Senjo Color face body liner

 Quick and clean body painting.
Ideal for face painting. Waterbased.
For continous lines.
Dermatologically tested.

Who needs quickly a brush full of color to paint or repair, is well equipped with the face and body liner.
Turn the end of the brush and the paint flows through the tip.



 Senjo Color Body Liner

How to use

Shake brush well! The colour pigments should be evenly distributed in the tank.
Turning the end of the brush guides paint into the tip of the brush. – Twist the end of the brush until the paint starts to flow.
The first time you turn until a drop has formed on the tip of the brush. Now the paint is worked into the tip of the brush on a cloth or on the back of the hand.
One test stroke on the back of the hand and the brush is ready to use.
When the brush is opened again, there is enough paint in the tip of the brush. Now you only have to add colour if the tip gets too dry.
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